Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Am I doing???

Somebody please tell me what is going thru my mind right now starting this blog????
It's not like I don't have 800 million things to do in my life right now... I'm a happily married mother of an "almost" 3 year old, working full time, and I am not even remotely ready for my Expos/getherings coming up in the next couple weeks.
I don't have time for this, really... but yet here I am... oh well that's life right!
Am I crazy or what!

"May the rest of your day be the best of your day"


Mikealicious said...
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Mikealicious said...

Crazy for sure. Looking forward to reading your blog. Maybe a guest blog from poke now and again.

Reba said...

GREAT Idea Big D! I'll have to have Pokey on for sure! Pokey's Words of Wisdom... hmmm thinking it might be too much for a guest Blogger... might have to get his own! :o)