Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adventures of: Sally, Ruby, and June

Come on, we've all had those moments. Those fits of laughter that leave us wondering... am I going to make it to the bathroom? Do I dare even try to run or if I don't move will I be able to control this? Well multiply that times 3 and add only 1 bathroom into the mix...

Ms.Ruby, Ms. Sally, and Ms. June scramping away like good little ladies when a beautiful song comes on the radio and Ruby says "I want this played at my Father's funeral" don't know why but Sally and June found the humor in this and says "I'm gonna call up my mom and tell her that I have a song to play at her funeral"... Well after MANY hours of scramping and lack of sleep the three ladies find this HILARIOUS and off goes Sally running to the bathroom. All Ruby could think of was OMG What if we all are going to pee our pants??? There's only one bathroom!!

Needless to say this led to even more laughter and thankfully no pee pants occurred... THAT TIME.

Unfortunately there was a casualty of the weekend... not once but twice Ms. June didn't quite make it. Of course this led to more laughter on Ruby & Sally's parts but hey what are friends for if not to giggle at each other's mishaps.

Don't worry though the Pee Pants were washed the next day. All is well and I'm sure that Ruby, Sally, and June will be purchasing Depends for there next scrampin' weekend.

**Names have been changed to protect the innocent**

"May the Rest of your day, be the Best of your Day" ~Unknown


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