Saturday, November 22, 2008


G'Day Fellow Pirates... OK I'm not a pirate but I'm listening to Dora and a bunch of her creepy minions screaming AAAAArrrrrrr and I had to do something else.
Is it me or do they really put subliminal messages in these things?! They are addicting in a total TRAIN WRECK sort of way. They're worse then Jerry Springer or, the truster, DOG the Bounty hunter... Yes I've watched these it's true...No Judgement! Do not shame me! You know you've watched them too. :o)

OK onto some content... (Nothing too interesting don't get your hopes up folks)...

Today I had my first Expo for my Scrapbooking & Stamping business. Overall I would consider it a success. Not many people showed as it was Widows Day har in WI and there was a TON of different expo's & craft fairs all around town. However I did make a nice sale and made a few contacts. I went with the expectation of just making contacts so I would have to say it was well worth the day.

Now I have to prep for my party on Monday. The hostess has WELL over 12 people coming for sure, most said they'll bring friends. We're actually expecting 20 ish people. Think I'm even remotely prepared???? MMMMM That would be a big fat N_O folks! I'm freaking but hey it'll be great! I know we're gonna have a blast.

Thursday-Thanksgiving w/ the In-Laws YAY! SOOOOO Can't wait for Gma's stuffing! She makes THE BEST stuffing in the whole wide world!

Friday another Expo! Ya... not so much ready for that one yet either (Insert nervous giggle here)

Okay total worthless blabbing complete... That's right you'll never get the last 5 minutes of your life back :o) But Hey I feel better *giggle*

"May the rest of your day, be the BEST of your day" ~Unknown


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