Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Okay who am I kidding if you've known me for any amount of time I've always hated bees!!!
Before I was ever stung, I hated them. After I was stung, I hated them. To this day, I hate them.

Yes HATE! I realize this is a very strong word but I mean it! I hate the honey that they make I hate the sound their creepy little wings make, they're ugly and I dont' care what you say THEY'RE MEAN!!!!!!!!!

To give you a small perspective: Yes! I have called my husband home from work to kill a wasp in my home. Yes! I have pulled over on the Interstate because a bee was in my car, Yes! I realize I'm bigger than them and can literally squash them like the evil little bug that they are and yet they can cause me to curl into the fetal position and bawl like a baby

Now these little evil eath monkeys actually have justified my feelings yesterday, when they decided to attack (YES ATTACK) my nephew!!! He's 5 and had the unfortunate luck of finding the evil demon's den under a plant. (For those of you that didnt' know... yes those horrible flying stingers of doom actually can and do nest in the ground sometimes)

Not enjoying the displacement of their roof, the bees/wasps? not sure which they were but I believe they were wasps, decided to take it out on every kid in the neighborhood and must have decided that my nephew was the ring leader because they put a big fat target on him and attacked.

Those little effers continued to chase him into his home and sting him again and again. The EMT stopped counting when taking the notes. We're guessing probably anywhere from 15 to a couple dozen.

Thank God in Heaven he is fine and well, but my hatred for the little pests have now spread.

btw: Yes I realize that w/out them we wouldn't have the gorgeous flowers we have and I realize that honey is used in many things but guess what... thank you to all the bee caretakers out there... I'm not one of them and I get to hate the little buggers! To each their own right?! :O)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun with Picasa 3

Here are a few of the BabyBump pics of our soon-to-be Lily Joy.
(All editing was done in Picasa3)

August 14.2010
34 Weeks 2 Days