Sunday, November 30, 2008

Close To Reba’s Heart

Last Minute Christmas Crop
Saturday, December 13, 2008

Come and finish up those last minute Christmas presents

$10.00 includes:
Lunch, Dinner, snacks & drinks
Use of:
and RESERVES your spot

(Bring a Dish to pass or Bring a Friend, not on my invite list, and your each $5.00)

**Door Prizes throughout the day!**

Space is extremely limited so Paid RSVP’s due by Monday 12/8/08

No need to scrap/stamp... come and work on any project you may have, this is a great time to get together and finish up those Christmas presents you’ve been meaning to work on all year!

Rookie Nights have evolved into Monday Mom’s Nights. 6pm-8pm Monday’s we will be getting together to scrap/stamp/paper craft whatever our hearts desire, and enjoy a few hours of “Me” time, with other mothers.

“Rookies” Welcome!

RSVP Required By 5pm Each Sunday prior
(Space is extremely limited)

I will have one project planned each week (materials provided).
no obligation to purchase anything

Dec. 1st~ TruFit Folio Album
Dec. 8th~ Recipe Book
Dec. 15th~ Christmas Tags
Dec. 22nd~ Card Organizer
Dec. 29th –No Moms Night (Holiday)
Jan. 5th~ Cards

If you’d like to work on a different project feel free to bring your materials and just enjoy the company of other moms.

Thanks To:
· 29 Pines for hosting the Widows Day Expo
· Kris Nilsson for hosting the Black Friday Expo
· Stacy L. for hosting a gathering in November!

January 1st, 2009 CTMH Idea book release!!
Contact me to get your copy!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Artwork Test

I wanted to add a littlebit of my Artwork that I've been working on here...

These cards are part of a 50 cards from 1/2 a paper pack workshop that I made with CTMH Evensong pack.

For more pictures of my CTMH Artwork visit my CTMH Website

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



I made a goal for myself this year... as I am sure most of you have done as well.


As I get older, crowds and shopping just seem less and less appealing. Black Friday WallyWorld is the epitome of both of these with a little "CRAZZZZZEEEE" added in.

So why does any of this matter you ask? Because I HAVE to go to WallyWorld on Friday as they are the debil and ofcourse have an amazing deal on a kids PowerWheels. *Insert internal screaming here!* And OFCOURSE Kara happened to see that on TV and PULLED Ryan into the living room to tell him "I WANT in my house!!"

So Mr Pokey and I will be daring the morning crowds @ 4am... aghhhhh...pray for us I'm Eh-SCARED!!!

Name Change

Unfortunately like most of my scramping projects I had to scrap-lift this idea too...
It was just too cute when at my gathering last night Stacy said she called herself "The Dirty Scrapper" ... How appropriate!

I adjusted to "Scramping" since I do stamp and scrapbook, it just wouldn't be right to leave out stamping.

Thank you to Stac for the idear for my new title... much better!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


G'Day Fellow Pirates... OK I'm not a pirate but I'm listening to Dora and a bunch of her creepy minions screaming AAAAArrrrrrr and I had to do something else.
Is it me or do they really put subliminal messages in these things?! They are addicting in a total TRAIN WRECK sort of way. They're worse then Jerry Springer or, the truster, DOG the Bounty hunter... Yes I've watched these it's true...No Judgement! Do not shame me! You know you've watched them too. :o)

OK onto some content... (Nothing too interesting don't get your hopes up folks)...

Today I had my first Expo for my Scrapbooking & Stamping business. Overall I would consider it a success. Not many people showed as it was Widows Day har in WI and there was a TON of different expo's & craft fairs all around town. However I did make a nice sale and made a few contacts. I went with the expectation of just making contacts so I would have to say it was well worth the day.

Now I have to prep for my party on Monday. The hostess has WELL over 12 people coming for sure, most said they'll bring friends. We're actually expecting 20 ish people. Think I'm even remotely prepared???? MMMMM That would be a big fat N_O folks! I'm freaking but hey it'll be great! I know we're gonna have a blast.

Thursday-Thanksgiving w/ the In-Laws YAY! SOOOOO Can't wait for Gma's stuffing! She makes THE BEST stuffing in the whole wide world!

Friday another Expo! Ya... not so much ready for that one yet either (Insert nervous giggle here)

Okay total worthless blabbing complete... That's right you'll never get the last 5 minutes of your life back :o) But Hey I feel better *giggle*

"May the rest of your day, be the BEST of your day" ~Unknown


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Best of: Movie Scenes

I don't know why I feel the need to do this list... who knows why we do anything we do... but here goes... my "Best of's"


WIZARD FIGHT(Animated): The Sword in The Stone, Merlin vs. Madame Mim

WIZARD FIGHT (NON-Animated): Harry Potter The Order of the Phoenix.

FUNERAL SCENE: Sally Field in Steel Magnolias

REVENGE SCENE: Kathy Bates- Fried Green Tomatoes... "TOWANDA!"

BEST LINE: Whoopie Goldberg in SoapDish "The guy was killed in an auto accident! I looked it up! He was driving in the Yukon, in a pink convertible, to visit his brother who's an ex-con named Frances, when a tractor trailer comes along and decapitates him. You know what that mean, it means he doesn't have a head. How am I suppose to write for a guy who doesn't have a head? He's got no lips, no vocal cords. What do you want me to do?

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas:Dolly Parton/Burt Reynolds
The Mirror Has Two Faces: Barbara Streisand/Jeff Bridges
The Bodyguard: Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner

BEST CAR CHASE: The Bourne Identity

Lord Of the Rings: The Two Towers

DEATH SCENE(S): The Passion of Christ

CREEPIEST: Syringe Pit-Saw 2

HEIST(TIE): The Italian Job
Oceans 11

Hope you enjoyed my little list... there is so much I'm forgetting I'm sure but oh well.
(Thank you for YouTube for the videos)

"May the rest of your day be the BEST of your Day!"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adventures of: Sally, Ruby, and June

Come on, we've all had those moments. Those fits of laughter that leave us wondering... am I going to make it to the bathroom? Do I dare even try to run or if I don't move will I be able to control this? Well multiply that times 3 and add only 1 bathroom into the mix...

Ms.Ruby, Ms. Sally, and Ms. June scramping away like good little ladies when a beautiful song comes on the radio and Ruby says "I want this played at my Father's funeral" don't know why but Sally and June found the humor in this and says "I'm gonna call up my mom and tell her that I have a song to play at her funeral"... Well after MANY hours of scramping and lack of sleep the three ladies find this HILARIOUS and off goes Sally running to the bathroom. All Ruby could think of was OMG What if we all are going to pee our pants??? There's only one bathroom!!

Needless to say this led to even more laughter and thankfully no pee pants occurred... THAT TIME.

Unfortunately there was a casualty of the weekend... not once but twice Ms. June didn't quite make it. Of course this led to more laughter on Ruby & Sally's parts but hey what are friends for if not to giggle at each other's mishaps.

Don't worry though the Pee Pants were washed the next day. All is well and I'm sure that Ruby, Sally, and June will be purchasing Depends for there next scrampin' weekend.

**Names have been changed to protect the innocent**

"May the Rest of your day, be the Best of your Day" ~Unknown


Blog-iquette & I'm so not ready for this!!!

Forgive me if I'm breaking Blog-etiquette, not sure what the rule is on multiple posts in a day... so if anyone knows... please let me know if it's okay to post more than once in a day.

Anyway onto my need for this post... For those of you that know me, know that I've been suffering from Crohn's for almost 3 years now. This has cause a weight loss of over 68lbs. (I know waaa waa waa) Normally I, being a typical woman, would be thrilled with this, unfortunately it put me at a weight of 95lbs at my lowest (NOT HEALTHY). Thankfully my Dr's have finally found the correct meds for me and I have been able to not only put on weight but keep it so far!! This really is great news BUT, of course finding the worst in this scenario, I now have hit my Goal weight & have to actually watch my Caloric intake. AHHHHH After almost 3 years of not worrying about this I am sooo not ready for this.

This should be a very interesting experiment to actually see how much crap I eat in a day and to see if I can actually keep my weight were I want it. Wish me luck.

"May the rest of your day be the best of your day"

What Am I doing???

Somebody please tell me what is going thru my mind right now starting this blog????
It's not like I don't have 800 million things to do in my life right now... I'm a happily married mother of an "almost" 3 year old, working full time, and I am not even remotely ready for my Expos/getherings coming up in the next couple weeks.
I don't have time for this, really... but yet here I am... oh well that's life right!
Am I crazy or what!

"May the rest of your day be the best of your day"

Quote/Thought of The Day Nov.19.08

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be in, for I have also learned from experience that the great part of our misery or happiness depends upon our own dispositons and not on our circumstances" ~Unknown