Monday, January 26, 2009

MY BABY IS 3!!!!!

I can't believe it, how did this happen? I know I hear parents say... "The time goes by so fast", "before you know it there a teenager", "Time flies", "They grow up so fast"... never have I agreed with them so much as this weekend. My baby girl turned 3! *Insert sniffles here* I remember bringing her home and the time before she would sleep in her own crib, sleeping w/ her on the chair for the first month, the late night/early morning feedings and I really miss those times. Not to take away from my time w/ my baby now, she cracks me up every single day, pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious and she's so much fun to be around, it's just so mind boggeling to know that she's really growing up and there is not a thing I can do about it!
What is just as crazy is all of the "baby's" that are in my life are getting older too!!! Anna?? 1?? really?? and Morgan too! Drew 3? dear lord KENYON? 4??? Madeline 3??? Finley,3?? Cormac 5??????? Aubri & Maddie!! Oh girls please don't start!
STOP IT ALREADY!!! ALL OF YOU! I expect ea. and everyone of you to just stay as cute as you can possibly be forever! ;o)
Ok so I can wish right? I know i'll be sorely disappointed but it just really does amaze me how all these precious children can continue to grow up and I am not a day older! *giggle*
What precious gifts!
Thank you for everyone that helped me celebrate my baby's birthday! We had a blast! Kara's still talking about it!

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