Sunday, September 27, 2009

Swap Sign Up Deadline is gone...

All rounds are full!
Round 5 Grab back ended up w/ 8 participants!! I'm so excited to see what comes in!
If you're participating the Grab Bag round (Round 5) please make 9 of the same card & you will receive 8 different cards in return.

Did you miss the swap deadline? I am creating 2 Cards in the holiday round (St. Patty's & Easter) so if you would like either of those please let me know & I will gladly give up one of my spots.

If you missed this swap but would like to participate in the next swap please let me know and I will keep a list to let you know right away when the next swap time arrives!

If you're participating this time around & know you will be next time too, let me know & I'll add you to the list for next time!

Now get making those cards ladies!! I'll see you all by November 14th!

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