Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Running To Cafe Dumonde

So to keep me motivated, I stole an idea from my boss. She & her sister have decided to 'race' eachother to a certain destination to see who can get there first. Their destination is the dells. They track their running and whomever runs that many miles first, wins!

Currently I'm racing myself to... CAFE DUMONDE!!! For those of you that have never had the pleasure of sitting in the french quarter of New Orleans stuffing your face with the worlds most amazing desert, sipping amazing cafe ole, listening to some of the best street music you will ever hear. Its a must! I figured it would be a great goal.

If you care to join me, in my virtual race, at any time, let me know and i'll put your very own themometer on the blog. You can update me on your progress and we can race together!

**138 Days to go!

**** watch the progress of all the NewOrleans Racers at the bottom of the blog****


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