Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2009 Card Swap~Update

Here's an Update on the progress of the Cards. Once I get a few in, I will post a "Swap spoiler" so you can see some of the awesome cards!

ROUND 1(Birthday Cards)-FULL
(email me if you're interested in this round, if enough people are then we can start another round)

(Make 7 cards get 6 back)
1. Male Birthday_Susan F.****Received
2. Female Birthday_Lori M. **Postal
3. Juvenile Boy Birthday _ME ~COMPLETED
4. Juvenile Girl Birthday_Rachel A. **Received
5. Gift Card _Alison F.
6. Choice Birthday Card _Kari N. **Received

(Make 8 cards get 7 back)
1. Sympathy_Rachel A. **Received
2. Get Well _ME ~In progress
3. Thank You_Lori M. **Postal
4. Thinking of you Alison F.
5. Miss You or Let’s Get Together (choice) _Rachel A. **Received
6. Wedding_Susan F..*****Received
7. Anniversary _Rachel A. **Received

ROUND 3(Holiday Cards)~FULL
(Rachel your a crazy lady ;o) you go girl
(Make 12 cards get 11 back)
1. Valentine -Kristen P. **Received
2. St Patty’s _ Rachel A. **Received
3. Easter _ Alison A.
4. Mother’s Day _ME ~In progress
5. Father’s Day _ Rachel A..*****Received
6. 4th of July _ Rachel A. .*****Received
7. Halloween _ Rachel A. .*****Received
8. Thanksgiving _ Rachel A. **Received
9. Christmas _ Susan F. **Received
10. New Year’s _ Rachel A. **Received
11. Holiday Choice _ Rachel A**Received

ROUND 4(Misc.) ~FULL
(Make 5 Cards get 4 back)
1. Humorous _Susan F. .*****Received
2. Just Because _ME ~COMPLETED
3. Blank _ Rachel A. **Received
4. Choice_ Rachel A. **Received

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