Monday, May 3, 2010

Eau Claire 2mi Fun Run/ half Marathon


If you ever feel like being surrounded by 1700 people sending nothing but love and excitement your way, I would HIGHLY suggest stopping by/participating in the Eau Claire Marathon celebrations next year!!

I changed my plans from running the 1/2 this year as baby #2 has put a slight damper on training. But decided to do the 2 mile fun run(walk) instead.

VERY Glad I did.

Was a lot of fun, felt great to finish and felt even better to see friends run in from the 1/2 marathon!

Cassie & Jen did AMAZING! Both coming in less than 2.5 hrs and running the entire distance!! SO PROUD! These ladies Rocked it out! I only hope that I can be next to them next year!

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