Wednesday, November 11, 2009

172 Days & Counting...

I'm on Day 3 of my training program & I have to admit, I was needing some motivation already.

I logged onto my email and viola! Today's Runner's World Quote of the Day:
"In the 30 years I've been a runner I've run more than 150,000 miles. Still, some of the hardest steps I take are those first few getting out the door for daily runs." ~ Bill Rodgers' Lifetime Running Plan

This quote may seem pretty disconcerting when you first read it, however to me I see comfort.
Comfort in the fact that even seasoned runners have problems getting started and getting motivated every day. I am normal! (Ok we all know I'm not that normal, but in this I am!!)

Today's going to be a good day!

Make today Scraptabulous!
Independent Consultant CTMH Supervisor

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